How many calls from a debt collector is considered harassment

Reporting phone harassment:

Are Debt Collectors Harassing You?

Know your rights against abusive and illegal collection practices by debt collectors. The below information will explain you the laws that apply to debt collectors about how to deal with the debt collectors when they violate the laws of FDCPA, which will be explained in detail in future posts.

Sue Debt Collectors for Harassment

If you feel you’ve been mistreated, contact with me to get a free evaluation of your case! No one has more up-to-date knowledge of fair debt collection law! I can help you put a stop to aggressive bill collectors, and sometimes even make them pay for how they’ve treated you.

Tips From The Debt Collector Front

Here are my hints and tips from my years of going head to head with debt collectors on the phone or in the court room (we have never lost a trial against a debt collector) that you should use if you go at it alone.

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