800-955-6600 ☎️ “Capital One” Harassing You? – Looking for a Solution?

The only legitimate function of debt collectors is to remind debtors in writing about the balance of the debt (and in case of non-payment, bring cases to court to collect credit debts by public or private bailiffs).

While researching the Internet up and down, I came across an article by one lawyer who wrote that he specializes in situations like ours. After consulting with my husband, we decided to turn to him for help. In our message, we tried to tell our story in as much detail as possible, attached copies of credit documents and printouts of our numbers with calls from the number 800 955 6600 of Capital One. But to be honest, we did not hope for a miracle.This was the last cry for help.

After looking deeper into our case, the attorney wrote us back within a few days and made an appointment for us. He opened a new vision at our case and as a result he found a solution out of our situation. Specifically, he said the following:

It should be noted that before other countries, the legislative consolidation of the activities of collection companies took place in the United States, where in 1978 the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was adopted. This Act became the eighth section of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act defines a collector as “any person who uses any commercial instrument or postal message in any business whose primary purpose is to collect any debts, as well as a person who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, personal debts or debts of a third person. The “offensive and deceptive” patterns of behavior of collectors during the debt collection can be prohibited with this law.