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Who calls me from 800-955-6600 / 8009556600 phone number

The media quite often speaks of collection companies, and in most cases it is impartial. As a rule, bank borrowers complain about the harassing actions of collection companies, accusing them of illegal actions related to debt collection.I had to be convinced of this personally.

I will probably remember this phone number 8009556600 of Capital One company for my whole life and I will see numbers 8009556600 in my nightmare. These were calls related to our bank debt, which we could no longer pay.It was a terrible phone debt harassment and I want to share my story with you from the very beginning. My story with credit and debt collectors proves that even in difficult situations there is light at the end of the tunnel and real professional help. Our credit case connected with Capital One company and its call harassment.

How did calls from 800-955-6600 start

My name is Mary, me and my husband came to the country many years ago in search of happiness and the fulfillment of our "American Dream". We rented an apartment for a very long time and then decided to take out a credit. As we had a stable job it was quite easy to take credit.

As a bank we chose Capital One exactly specializing on home credits. We always tried to pay on time, and we had no delays and debts in payments. But during the quarantine my husband and I were unemployed and we could not pay. And then our nightmare under the name “Capital One +18009556600” began. Collectors simply bombarded us with calls from Capital One company and behaved absolutely incorrectly.

What is Capital One and how to close account

Capital One is one of the largest banking organizations in America.Capital One company has over 900 branches across all states and a large number of terminals. This financial company is ranked 8th in the American financial market. At first we did not know that the number 1-800-955-6600 belongs to the company Capital One. As adequate citizens, we were aware that we still had to pay. But the fact is that we did not have the opportunity to somehow discuss the current situation with the collectors. All 800 955 6600 calls began with direct threats about our debt and no one listened to our arguments.

1-800-955-6600 calling me

A terrible period has begun in our life. From the number 800-955-6600 they called my husband and me in turn and demanded to return the debt. It was call harassment and a lot of psychological pressure.There was not even one day that they did not call us from Capital One 8009556600. We were looking for a way out and help of the last effort and plowing a bunch of ideas. Dropping calls, being rude to the interlocutor, changing the SIM card - these options, we have discarded. Escaping debt by moving to another city or country will also does not work. The collectors themselves will not prosecute the debtor - they will simply go to court, which in 99% of cases takes their side.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is meant to prevent abusive practices by debt collectors. The Act helps the consumer ensure fair debt collection. The consumer can dispute the claims of a debt collector, and ask for validation of his debt information. The FDCPA has laid down guidelines to show how a debt collector may conduct his business and how he may not. It also sets down a consumer’s debt collection rights. There are penalties for violations of the Act.
You have the right to stop debt collectors from harassing or abusing. Yes, the law protects you against unfair and coercive debt collection methods.

Harassing number 800-955-6600 and your human rights

In this psychological attack, I started reading articles about my human (debtor) rights in such situations as I hoped to find some help against call harassment. And also I read about what collectors are not entitled to. The collector is not enabled to do the following:

  • Come home to the debtor more than once a week;

  • Call the debtor more than 1 time a day, 2 times a week, 8 times a month Send SMS, voice messages no more than 2 times a day, 4 times a week, 16 times a month;

  • It is not allowed to disturb the debtor or his relatives in the period from 22.00 to 8.00 in the morning - on weekdays, on weekends - from 21.00 to 9.00 in the morning;

  • The collector has no right to disclose confidential information about the debt itself, debtor to his relatives, neighbors or employer;

  • Of course, it is forbidden to do any harm to a person's health. The collector is forbidden to communicate with minors, disabled people.

You can protect yourself from this kind of call harassment by knowing the arguments described above!

How to Stop 8009556600 calls

The only legitimate function of debt collectors is to remind debtors in writing about the balance of the debt (and in case of non-payment, bring cases to court to collect credit debts by public or private bailiffs).

While researching the Internet up and down, I came across an article by one lawyer who wrote that he specializes in situations like ours. After consulting with my husband, we decided to turn to him for help. In our message, we tried to tell our story in as much detail as possible, attached copies of credit documents and printouts of our numbers with calls from the number 800 955 6600 of Capital One. But to be honest, we did not hope for a miracle.This was the last cry for help.

After looking deeper into our case, the attorney wrote us back within a few days and made an appointment for us. He opened a new vision at our case and as a result he found a solution out of our situation. Specifically, he said the following:

It should be noted that before other countries, the legislative consolidation of the activities of collection companies took place in the United States, where in 1978 the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was adopted. This Act became the eighth section of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act defines a collector as “any person who uses any commercial instrument or postal message in any business whose primary purpose is to collect any debts, as well as a person who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, personal debts or debts of a third person. The "offensive and deceptive" patterns of behavior of collectors during the debt collection can be prohibited with this law.

Stop Debt Collectors Capital One Harassment Calls

After a detailed discussion of the solution to our case, the lawyer got down to work. He used the Federal Trade Commission in our case.In the United States, there is a special body - the Federal Trade Commission, one of the goals of which is to protect the rights of American consumers, including from illegal actions of debt collectors. But to better understand the nature of collector company activity, we should know how to distinguish its services and functions.

Conventionally, the services of debt collection company can be divided into four groups. The first is the “Reminder Service” that allows the client (debtor) to be drawn to the fact of payment control and, without much pressure, to motivate him to make a payment.

The second group is the so-called “Soft Collection”, that is, sending letters to debtors reminding them of non-payment for goods (works, services). As a rule, in such letters, collectors include information on the amount of penalties that will follow in case of non-payment.

The third group of services is "Hard Collection". Basically, this is the direction of a legal claim to the debtor in accordance with legal requirements. During the "hard collection" procedure, the collectors can additionally make phone calls to the debtor (exactly our situation- calls from the company Capital One 800-955-6600), negotiate in person, etc.

Finally, the fourth group of collection services is "Legal Collection". In fact, this is an appeal to a competent court in order to obtain a court decision on debt collection. At this stage, the “client” ( consumer of a credit service)of the collector moves from the category of “just a debtor” to the category of a defendant in a court case. In preparation for the trial, the collectors can initiate the seizure of the property and funds of the debtor, the inclusion of legal costs (including costs of legal assistance) in the amount of the claim.

This information is very helpful when you are suffering from call harassing. In our case it was harassing Capital One company with calls from 8009556600 phone number.

End of nightmare under the name ‘Who is Calling Me’

It was not an easy way, but we won together with our professional attorney. He brought the debt collectors to justice because their actions clearly violated our rights and, in fact, as it turned out, our credit agreement left much to be desired in terms of legality and correctness of drawing up. Consumer Credit Protection Act is an effective legal tool for your consumer of credit defense. Call harassment from the Capital One company 1-800-955-6600 ended and now we returned to our usual life as before.

No one else calls us or bothers us from the number 8009556600 from the Capital One company, all interest on our debt was written off and our credit was closed. And this is all thanks to our professional lawyer. Hope and the solution to the problem exist thanks to people like him.

Remember, the law is always on the side of the innocent. And our case is proof of this.

Who faced a similar problem with debt harassment and is looking for a solution - write to me on FACEBOOK and I will tell you which lawyer to contact to solve your problem.


Stop illegal phone calls

You have the right to stop debt collectors from harassing or abusing. If the debt collector has ignored your requests to correct, confirm, or prove that you owe the amount they claim, the law protects you against unfair and coercive debt collection methods.

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