Are Debt Collectors Harassing You?

Harassing phone calls from debt collectors

Are debt collectors making you stressed with their harassment, threats, and use of obscene language, contacting your neighbors and also to pay debt that is not rightfully yours?

Know your rights against abusive and illegal collection practices by debt collectors. The below information will explain you the laws that apply to debt collectors about how to deal with the debt collectors when they violate the laws of FDCPA, which will be explained in detail in future posts.

A collection agency Capital One from 800-955-6600 has no right to harass or abuse you over calling, or they cannot use deceptive or misleading methods to collect debt. Debt Collectors are the one who have just right to collect bills from the person, and owing debts from consumers.

Debt collectors must treat consumers with truth, fairness, dignity, and respect. When debt collector crosses the limits and abuses you for the collection, then the debt collector can be sued in federal court for damages under a law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).The FDCPA law is passed by the congress to protect the consumers from abusive collectors. As per FDCPA law the debt collectors must follow some guidelines when dealing with consumers.

If a debt collector contacts you to pay the collection, your first move should be to ask for proof of the debt. If he fails to show the proof then you have the right to sue in a state or federal court either verbally or in writing. Under the FDCPA, you must send a written dispute letter to the debt collector within 30 days of your receipt of the first validation notice from the debt.

If disrespectful, undignified, unfair or untrue are the types of behavior by a debt collector toward a consumer over the telephone, in writing, or in person and will likely be a violation of the FDCPA.

There are some tactics to follow when dealing with the abusive debt collectors, which can protect your rights as a consumer.

How to report harassing phone calls from debt collectors

  • Save copies of all letters and notices from collection agencies.
  • Save all of your phone messages and voice mails.
  • Make a note and keep records of all of your conversations with these bill collectors.
  • Amount demanded, threats and Harassment.
You have the right to stop debt collectors from harassing or abusing. Yes, the law protects you against unfair and coercive debt collection methods.

Collect the information as much as possible such as Date of call, exact time, minutes of call, Is it a call, voicemail, letter or paper message, What was the collector’s name, Collection agency name and telephone number, What did the collector say?

In order to preserve your rights under the law, it’s important for you to keep records of all of the contacts.

If you have been the victim of harassing from phone number 800-955-6600, threatening or intimidating calls or letters from a debt collector, write to me and I will tell you where you can get a free consultation.

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